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Join the CWHGAS team and help us contribute to our school community.


CWH Gas Tech Fund is an initiative developed by the company to help schools improve and upgrade their technology infrastructure. The Fund was created to give back to communities CWH Gas serves.

The CWH Gas Technology Fund donates a percentage of each size of gas sold to the parents, teachers, and community aligned with the school. When a customer signs up as a member or affiliate of the school of their choice, the school benefits from each purchase made by the member or affiliate. The school will receive an accumulated donation from CWH Gas at the end of the quarter based on the total number of purchases made by the school’s member or affiliate.

Any registered school within Kingston & St Andrew.

The CWH Gas Tech fund is being piloted in Kingston & St Andrew only now.

When schools sign up to become a part of the CWH Gas Tech Fund they will benefit from cooking gas purchases already made by their teachers, parents and community members. This giveback by CWH Gas will help to improve the future of our children and their neighbourhood, through the knowledge they would gain from improved technology and equipment.

Schools benefit from the funds by receiving a percentage of each Gas purchase from customers who have signed up their affiliation to the School. The School then receives a donation towards their technology department/lap, on a quarterly basis, based upon the accumulated income from all the sales from their members.
We believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of those around you while also taking care of your cooking needs. So, why not head over to our store and support this worthy cause today? Together, we can make a difference!

Participating Schools




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