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Become an Affiliate

1. Contact CWH Gas: Reach out to CWH Gas directly through their official contact channels to express your interest in becoming an outlet for their products.

2. Evaluate your capacity and resources to ensure you can meet CWH Gas’ requirements. Consider factors such as 

a. Storage space

b. Safety measures

c. Delivery capabilities

d. Financial stability

3. Prepare Documentation: Gather the necessary documents required by CWH Gas, which may include:

a. Business/Personal registration number TRN 

b. Financial statements

c. Form of identification (drivers license, birth paper and or passport)

4. Submit Application: Complete and submit the application form provided by CWH Gas, along with the required documentation, ensuring all information is accurate and up to date.

5. Site Visit: CWH Gas may conduct a site visit to assess your facilities, infrastructure, and operational capabilities. Ensure your location meets their standards in terms of safety, accessibility, and storage capacity.

7. Negotiate Terms: If your application is successful, engage in negotiations with CWH Gas to finalize the terms and conditions of the outlet agreement. This may include product pricing, delivery schedules, marketing support, and contractual obligations.

8. Sign Agreement: Once both parties agree to the terms, sign the outlet agreement with CWH Gas. Review the agreement carefully and seek legal advice if needed.

9. Set Up Operations: Establish the necessary infrastructure and systems for storing, handling, and distributing CWH Gas products. This includes proper storage facilities, safety equipment, delivery vehicles, and trained staff.

10. Promote Your Outlet: Market and promote your association with CWH Gas to attract customers. Highlight the benefits of purchasing CWH Gas products from your outlet, such as quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.

11. Maintain Compliance: Adhere to all safety, regulatory, and quality standards set by CWH Gas and the relevant authorities. Stay updated on any changes in regulations and ensure ongoing compliance.

12. Build a Strong Relationship: Maintain regular communication with CWH Gas, provide feedback, and address any issues or concerns promptly. Developing a positive and collaborative relationship will contribute to a successful partnership.

Affiliates Application Form

Please fill out the following information to apply to become an outlet for CWH Gas. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.